Friday, November 10, 2017

November 8 Update

Class 3B is taking big steps forward. This class we started analyzing the information that Team Rubicon provided. We split into two teams, with one team focused on what competitors are doing when it comes to the volunteer organization. The other team focused on creating a list of criteria that our product should meet in order for it to be most useful to the client. We hope to have a finalized problem statement to present to Team Rubicon soon.

Collin Bolles
Project Manager

Block 3B Update

Over the past two months, we've been working on developing the project that we want to tackle this year. At the end of October, we narrowed our final decisions down to a Smart Home development system, an at-home energy producing unit, and drone-based disaster relief. We ended up choosing disaster relief, mostly because it's a multi-faceted problem and it was popular among our class. Our main idea was to use drones to gather information about disasters in real time, but after discussing the nature of disasters with an expert, we realized that they didn't need additional information; rather, they needed a way to contact and deploy first responders. This expert is a part of Team Rubicon, an organization dedicated to providing disaster response through the use of veteran volunteers. By connecting the CEOs of Team Rubicon, private companies and local citizens, and the volunteers themselves, we will expedite the disaster response process and save lives. With the amount of natural disasters increasing per year, it is imperative that we develop a system to maximize Team Rubicon's efficiency. 

Jillian Zick
Public Communications

Sunday, May 14, 2017

An Overdue Update from 4B

Block 4B is making steady progress in their project. The web app is coming along, a basic working prototype exists. The contact committee has been contacting sleep centers to inquire about the possibility of conducting a sleep study. Students also designed web pages which can be seen below.

This is the home page. Clients can sign in from here to view their driver’s sleeping record.

This is an overview of a client’s employee page. All the drivers belonging to a firm will be visible in this list.

This is an example of an employee profile. Clients will be able to view their employees profile from this page after signing in.