Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Meeting With Computer Science Major

Yesterday, InvenTeam members working on Aegis met with Tom Hays to discuss programming their prototype. Tom, a current Computer Science major at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, helped us map out the flow of our program. Once we get an updated and formal version of the program map, it will be much easier to contnue programming into the latter stages of the design process where the Java concepts get much more complicated. Tom also helped our group to fix on of the bugs we were having on Eclipse which was preventing us from previewing the code correctly.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Today, the InvenTeam members working on Aegis have almost finished coding the HTML for their home page. They are getting ready to launch the website and hopefully will be putting the Java code in at a later date so that our prototype is working correctly. Our group researched domain names for the website while Tom Corona continually worked on the Java functions. Tristan DeJesus kept on working on making laptop holders for the group so that they could sell them and purchase the rights to develop applications for Apple products.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Aegis Group Making Real Progress

After months of research, it is very visible now that the members working on the college campus safety device, Aegis, are making tremendous headway. Tom Corona and Tristan Frey are coding the transition between the login page and the functions of the website. They are trying to make it so that when a user types in new or existing login information, the program executes script based on the inputs that it receives. Whether new or existing information, the login sequence is a daunting task. While they are working on the login, Chad Baker and myself have created a semi-functionable HTML web page that will be the scaffolding for the Java code that Tom and Tristan are making. After we have all the information typed up in HTML, we will use CSS to style the web page.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Today, the InvenTeam members are working on Aegis are focusing on the HTML layout while Tom Corona and Tristan Frey continue to use Java to program the functions of their idea. Chad Baker and myself are working on getting a functionable website up and running that people can use to contact us before we implement the Java functions onto the website. Also, Mackenzie Knight and James Millar are working on finding materials that they can use to construct a prototype of the water recycling feature that they designed for the Shower Temperature Control Unit. They also finished a logo and are working on programming the PLC unit simultaneously.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Aegis Logo

Today, Nick Florin and Chad Baker finished the final logo for the project. Also, the group fixed the problems they were having with Eclipse on the school computers and was able to continue programming the website. They are focusing some attention on HTML now in order to construct the outline of the website.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The InvenTeam members at Saratoga Springs High School recently received news that they would be featured as one of the InvenTeams on MIT's website. I wrote and revised a statement about what our goals are for this year and we took another picture to display on their site.

The Saratoga Springs High School InvenTeam will invent a cell phone application which will allow college students to alert campus security directly from their smartphones. Security will control the system through the database side of the website while the students will have a shortcut to the alert side of the website on their smartphone. When students alert campus security through the website on their phone, the database function of the website will provide security picture identification of the student, defining characteristics, as well as an active GPS location of where they are on the campus. The application will be marketed to college campuses across the country and will lessen the amount of assaults and other crimes committed on campuses year round.