Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Chugging Along

Paul's Group organizes a presentation
Before the Thanksgiving break, Paul's group researched existing technologies that may interfere with their project ideas. Over break, they will prepare a presentation to give to the class on their research. With this presentation, the class will see their progress and the group will have a more in depth idea of what the solution cannot be, and where they could possibly go in the future.

Hand design has been successful, the groups worked more today and are ready to begin printing after break. This will transition into the small groups competing against each other for the best redesign and also a better collaboration process between the groups.

EYE group order supplies and set up registration for their Saturday program that is rapidly approaching.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Moving Forward

Today the hand design group is focusing on redesigning the hand and making their new designs on Inventor. Using the open source files from eNable, we are hoping to have three different designs for the hand by the end of next week. All groups are close to beginning to print out their designs.

The EYE group is ordering supplies for their natural disaster activities, where students will be able to see the effects of natural disasters.

Paul's group pitched their problem statements to the class, and everyone in the class gave them feedback. General consensus is that they have correctly labeled problems.