Monday, December 21, 2015

Creative Motion

Today the class had the privilege of having Paige Edwards come in and present on her life with a prosthetic and problems that she has run into with her prosthetic, and recommendations for where to go in the design in the future.

After the presentation, class chugged along and hand group delved into introducing motors to the hand, and starting from scratch to make something unique and functional, forgetting the current design of the hand.

Based on the meeting with a software engineer who works specifically in education, Paul's group is researching price and purpose behind different programs.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Print Success

We have printed our first successful redesigned hand! The second hand is heading to print and will be ready for assembly next class. Next step is for a group to test and compare the redesigned hand to the E-Nable hand.

EYE had a very successful program this past weekend! 128 kids were exposed to engineering ideas and worked hands-on with projects that involved natural disasters. Today they reflected on the program and what they can do next time.

Paul's group is reviewing and outlining the project as a whole, and identifying problems they may run in with regards to programming. Moving forward, they are going to set up a meeting with a programmer to help them identify ways to implement their solutions.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Collaboration Station

Paul's Group holds discussion with Mr. Gallagher
Starting the week off on a strong note, EYE is testing the different station activities before Saturday's program. While registration continues to fill, organizing groups and volunteers are the last tasks to complete.

Cam, Andrew, and Hannah's group's redesign has been sent to the 3-D printer. The rest of the groups have been divided to tackle the hand in chunks, not as a whole redesign. The groups are focusing on the thumb, and grip strength. More meetings with doctors are coming up to get a second opinion on the design of the hand and the functionality.

For the printing job, Maddie has taken over as Head of Printing, and has show great leaps in understanding and manipulating the printers.

Paul' group has been looking into the coding language they desire to use. They spent the class researching the ideal medium to use, specifically Bluetooth vs. WiFi.
EYE leaders Noelle and Grace test their saltwater battery
Hand Group redesign

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Building Up

Quick update! Today, the smaller hand groups showed their new design ideas to the rest of the groups. All initial redesigns are finished and printing has begun. Groups are working on their second redesign.
Paul's group is on learning how to code in Python and Swift in preparation for their project.

EYE did a write-up explanation of each station for their Saturday program rapidly approaching. Everything is moving along smoothly and on track to be ready December 12th!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Printing Progress

EYE continues ordering supplies for their upcoming Saturday program, and today they organized their bank account.

The hand group is finalizing the Inventor designs of their redesigned hand. Groups race to print the first successful redesigned hand as the deadline approaches.

Paul's group presented the competing technologies and next class they will finalize their problem statement.