Friday, December 17, 2010

Meeting with the Juniors

Yesterday after school we asked all the project lead the way students in the junior class who are interested in being involved in EDD next year to stop by for a quick meeting. A few people from each group gave a presentation of what they were working on and their future goals. This gave the juniors an idea of what goes on in class. We shared our fundraising ideas and showed them our Togatilt website. We also gave them opportunities to assist us with our projects and in fundraising. All of them seemed very interested and hopefully they all contact Mr.Gallagher so that we can get them involved!

Monday, December 13, 2010

ICCI Software Progress 12/13

Sean gives us an update on the software modification progress from the Intelligent Child Computer Interface Group.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Adjustable Mist

Thinking how to make our misting system better developed for the consumer, we decided to implement a circuit which adjusts the amount of mist that the pump outputs. The circuit was small and fairly inexpensive as it had to be soldered together, however should easily fit in our housing unit. It works by controlling the motor speed through pulse-width modulation, regulating a series of pulses from the battery to the pump.

Below is the circuit's front and back which we completed and successfully tested last class

Monday, December 6, 2010


We are excited to announce the launch of our new fundraising website and brand: TogaTilt

Visit us at:

The New Logo

About TogaTilt:
Based out of Saratoga Springs High School, TogaTilt is a website which allows for local students enlisted in the Project Lead the Way program to further pursue their interests in engineering.  TogaTilt was created to provide an outside source of revenue for students in the capstone class, Engineering Design and Development.  In this class, students are asked to come up with tangible solutions to real world problems which they ultimately choose to tackle.  Unfortunately, solving real word problems requires real world money, and hence the birth of TogaTilt.
Keeping tech themed, students developed various laptop and iPad stands on CAD software, cutting out their final designs in plastic with the use of a laser cutter.  Each stand is heated and bent to perfection, meeting specific angle requirements which allows the user to utilize both sides of the stand.  
Our use of high quality materials, combined with masterful bending techniques provides the buyer with an experience like no other.  Not only do you obtain a practical, well developed product, but also all profits made from TogaTilt go directly to the students of the current year's EDD class, allowing them to pursue their dreams to the next level.  
We hope to continually add new products to the site, and develop a strong product line with quality products and design. 
Thank you, and enjoy our site!

Friday, December 3, 2010

November Skype Meeting

Today during class we had our monthly Skype meeting with Ellen Dickenson. We gave her a PowerPoint presentation on our current progress, our future goals, our community service plan, and our fundraising ideas. Overall, we had good feedback and suggestions. Unfortunately our meeting was cut short so she could not finish her comments. She plans to contact us with more questions so that we can take her feedback into account and improve each of our projects. Hopefully we can make even more progress and achieve each of our goals as the month continues!