Monday, June 6, 2016

Final Presentation 6.2

Max Pawlick introducing the class structure

With the end of the year, our class had the privilege of being able to present to a panel of engineers at the General Electric's Global Research Headquarters in Niskyuna. Here are some moments that Grey captured at the presentation.
Mr. Gallagher setting up the PowerPoint
Max presenting

Andrew discussing the pincer grasp

Steve discussing his design

Adam presenting

Hannah explaining her design

Ross talking about his addition to the hand group
Noelle introducing the EYE program
Grace explaining the benefits of EYE

Paul introducing his project
Jake talking about the impact of smart phones in schools 

Reece talking about the class' finances for the year

Lucas, Nick, Cam, Jackson, Eli, and Kevin look on as the presentation is being set up
Grace and Maddie