About the Projects

This blog details the progress being made by two Saratoga Springs High School classes in their task of solving a tangible problem. The classes began the school year researching possible problems they would like to solve, and on October 27th, 2016, the two problems were selected. The classes are now working to create a solution for their respective problems by June of 2017.

Class 2B, managed by Peter Herman, is striving to better communication technology between drivers and pedestrians and/or bikers. The intended impact of this technology is a reduction in vehicle-bicycle accidents and vehicle-pedestrian accidents.

Class 4B, managed by Matt Chmiel, is creating a web app that tracks commercial driver sleep using Fitbit technology. The intended goal is to create a functioning product that ultimately can be sold to trucking companies. The purpose of this product is to ensure that commercial drivers do not cause fatigue-related accidents.