Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekly Report

Hello once again, the inventeam has been busy the last few weeks and this is certainly the case with Dennis Florence the inventeam’s LabVIEW programmer. In last couple of weeks Dennis has been working with the Fishertech interface and using LabVIEW programming to control the various functions of the interface. Such as motors, switches, light sensors, proximity sensors, etc. Dennis has created a LabVIEW check interface program similar to the RoboPro check interface that runs the Fishertech interface. By doing this Dennis has taken a critical step towards the implementation of the Garden Consultant.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


A lot has been accomplished in the last month. Progress worthy of note:
A new plant matching algorithm- a program that takes the data users input from a certain zone (area to be analyzed by the garden consultant according to the user’s needs) and matches it with the plant database we have accumulated over the past two years to see if any plants in the database would grow in the zone the user has created with the conditions stated. This multiple zone functionality will make it easier for users to see what can grow in their gardens at home.
Transition to the new URL has continued, it is more stable and user friendly than it was before. Tutorials will be up on the website and available to visitors and users of the website for help with the garden consultant and everything to do with it.

Matt Choiniere