Thursday, April 21, 2016

It Fits

Andrew is excited that his printed parts fit together
Andrew is assembling his Wall-E hand!

Steve and Jackson are redesigning their hand, their original design did not meet their expectations and needs refining.

Hannah is finishing designing the pensioner, and is printing her hand.
Today EYE is responding to emails and organizing
Printers are printing Adam and Hannah's hand.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Counting Money

Saturday was EYE's last program so today they sorted out the finances for the year.
With the printed hands, Steve and Jackson spent the day cleaning their hand, and Adam assembled his hand.

Hannah is almost done with the design of her tuning peg hand.
Cam did general maintenance on the printers and installed new parts.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Paul's Group's Week

Paul is using a simple chat program he was given by our mentor Dave Burton. He works in the field of educational software and we are seeing how we can use aspects of this program for our own project.
The rest of the group is researching node.js in order to better understand when working with it in the future.

Anticipation for the Final EYE Program

Adam's assembled hand
Today Cam is installing a new plastic plate designed for the Afinia printer hoping that it will be more effective than the current Teflon plate.
Adam is assembling his printed hand.

Andrew is printing the Wall-E hand and ordering pins for the joints in the Wall-E hand.

Steve and Jackson are preparing the print for their updated design of the ball-and-socket hand.

Hannah is working on design for the tuning peg hand.
EYE is laser printing coins, bagging supplies, and organizing the list of registered kids. They anticipate 110 kids to be in attendance!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Printing One Layer At a Time

Max and Andrew printing the Wall-E hand
Today Steve and Jackson finished the ball and socket design, and attached it to a hand.
Steve is working on refining channels for strings to run more smoothly.
Jackson is working on adjusting the ball and socket design for aesthetic purposes.

Andrew is printing out a new Wall-E hand design.

Adam is assembling the prosthetic arm.

Hannah is working on the design of the tuning peg hand.
EYE is setting up the kits for the kids to use on Saturday.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Fourth Quarter

Reece and Mr. Gallagher organizing class finances
Today the group is busy at work.
Steve and Jackson successfully printed their hand, but the angle for the thumb was off so they are redesigning and testing different angles hoping to get the best pincer grasp possible.

Adam is printing a hand that includes new fingertips so the push buttons will fit better, and working on a battery case, and researching motors.

Andrew had a failed print of the Wall-E hand and is hoping to have a successful print today.

Hannah is modifying the Tensioner to incorporate the tuning pegs.
Ross is 3-D modeling with the prototype of the hook adapter.
EYE is preparing for their final program on Saturday in Saratoga.
Printers are printing Adam's and Andrew's hand, and also finish the InMoov arm and fixing the third (and final) broken printer.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tuesday Turnaround

Ross finished his first prototype for the porous wall adapter, allowing for suction for the hook that provides assistance getting dressed.

Andrew took feedback from a meeting with doctors last week and made changes to the Wall-E hand.

Hannah ordered tuning pegs for her new design.

Steve is doing minor redesigns while waiting for his hand to print.

Maddie is printing Steve's hand and ordering cleaning supplies for printed Formlab parts. Cam is printing.

Adam shopped for a new motor that will be smaller and vibrate more efficiently. He is printing the battery case and sending a second hand to print soon.

Paul's group is coding a login page and tri-storming ways to create a login page.

EYE had a successful program on Saturday, and today they are unloading equipment from their cars and organizing. They also sold Google Cardboard on Saturday.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Finishing the Week

Steve and Jackson's printed palm with socket

Steve and Jackson are redesigning the socket of their hand and getting a final scale for printing.
Andrew is finishing the Wall-E hand design and getting ready to print.

Today the printers are working on printing extra parts for Adam's hand and doing work with the InMoov arm.

Paul's group is creating a webpage where two clients can communicate through drawings over WiFi.

EYE is prepared for the program tomorrow morning.