Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Saratoga Springs High School PLTW Program

On Friday, a local business woman Andrea Mann visited our EDD class along with representatives from Project Lead the Way and Rochester Institute of Technology. Andrea, who has been involved with InvenTeam students over the past few years, helped Saratoga Springs High School be certified once again in order to give college credit for their final exams. Group Aegis met and talked with the representatives from Rochester Institute of Technology and explained their idea and how they thought it would benefit college campuses across the nation.

Tic Tac Toe Idea

Today, Mr. Gallagher came up with a new idea for us to work on in terms of getting the word out about Aegis Campus Security and the laptop holders we are trying to sell to raise money. We are going to usethe RoboCell scripts that we created for a Tic Tac Toe robot last year in Computer Integrated Manufacturing to create an interactive Tic Tac Toe game/video on YouTube. We will have to record every different situation and put them together according to the scripts that we have saved from last year. KC Bianco is leading the way for the Tic Tac Toe interactive game along with Sean Greenslade, a junior in Video Production Club. Hopefully, the video will attract a lot of attention and allow us to spread the word about what our InvenTeam is working on, especially Aegis.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Aegis: RPC programming and presentation

Today, most of team “Aegis” continued working with Remote Procedure Call (RPC). We have been chatting with Tom Hayes via Email to help clear up our questions on this extensive topic. Although we have recently been having problems with this topic, it seems that by our next class meeting the team will have a firm grasp on its criteria. Tom, Tristan, Tristan, Nick, and Chad have been working very hard researching code and plan to continue with programming next class. Meanwhile, KC Bianco has been making tremendous progress on our presentation. He has recently began experimenting with a computer program he downloaded from the web to convert our PowerPoint into a video. This way, we will be able to make our presentation look much more professional and add a voice over to ensure our presentation is a clear as possible. Chad Baker and KC Bianco also found a number of Smartphone and campus related crime statistics that they will be implementing in the presentation.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Aegis keeps the ball moving

Over the past few days, team “Aegis” has accomplished a lot. On Sunday, Nick Florin and Tom Corona met with Tom Hayes before his departure back to WPI. They continued work on programming and fixed the phone side of the application for android phones. The phone side of the application has simply an “alert” button and no website navigation. This is because we want to make it easy/quick for the student to access campus security.

The team is now working on planning the “log in” and “sign up” pages for our website. Today, Tristan De Jesús along with Chad Baker sketched out a concept map and finalized the criteria for each of the pages. Tom, Tristan, and Nick continued work with geo-location and exploring Remote Procedure Call (RPC), well KC Bianco worked on our up and coming presentation. We plan to get a move on programming the “log in” and “sign up” in the very near future.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Continued progress for Aegis

Today, the InvenTeam members working on Aegis got a lot accomplished. During the class block, Tristan Frey continued to work on geo-location programming for “Aegis” while Tristan De Jesús created a functioning location specific map using the Latitude and Longitude coordinates. Chad Baker and Nick Florin continued work on the phone specific side of the application while also fixing a few images on the webpage. They are currently working on a few bugs with the “Alert” button, which will ultimately send the signal from the phone to campus security.

After school was over, the team met to continue work with Tom Hayes and Sean Greenslade. Sean is a junior at Saratoga high school with a strong programming background who volunteered to help our team in the creation of “Aegis”. During this time the group redesigned some of the website to make it run better with the help of our mentors Tom and Sean. They were also able to successfully save the data (name, password, and email), which is acquired when a new user logs into the website.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Alert Button

After the long break, the InvenTeam members working on Aegis have been putting everything they have been researching with Tom Hays to work. Myself and Chad Baker have been able to transfer all the HTML files from Notepad++ to Eclipse in order to compile it with the Java files. We created the "Alert" button and are working on the functions that the button will perform. In addition, we were able to use User Agent Checking so that the website will direct the user to one page if they are accessing it on their mobile phone, or another page if they are using their computer. This will be essential in creating the website application for the cell phones. Also, Tristan Frey and Tristan DeJesus are working with Tom Hays on geolocation in Javascript so that the phone can send its location to the database.