Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Paul's New Website

Paul's Group is purchasing a domain, Jake is designing the website. They are also setting up the basic functions of the website, for presentation.

Hand Group is working on the GE Presentation and Maddie Chudy is focused on fixing failed prints.

EYE is ordering tee shirts and responding to emails.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Printing Pending

The hand group has had a few failed prints, bringing Chudy to agony, but are hopeful for today. While Chudy works on printing, the rest are focused on getting the presentation started.

EYE is finishing up organizing for the Saturday program by collecting parts and closing up registration.

Paul's Group is divided today, some members are working on the design of their website, some are working on the presentation for GE, and some are working to learn new coding language.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Presentations Underway

EYE is bagging items for their upcoming Saturday program so that all kids get equal materials to complete their projects. Registration is officially open, and they're allowing up to 100 kids to register!

Hand group is printing their finished designs to be tested soon.

Paul's Group is writing HTML code for their project and testing servers.

After their work is done, the class as a whole is pulling together bits of information to put into their presentations at GE in early February.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hands for Ghana

Maddie Chudy is hard at work today with her new project, Hands for Ghana. Hands for Ghana is a project that the class will be doing to help get the proper hand sizes, scaled to the sizes they need to be assembled in Hungary to be shipped to Ghana. Today, Chudy has begun to print off the hands. Then she will send feedback to a spreadsheet that checks off what hands have been printed so that the volunteers across the world don't make too many of any which size.

The hand group is printing prototypes to test, and working on their new design based off of the Wall-E hand from Pixar's movie.

EYE is opening registration for their upcoming Saturday program.

Paul's group is beginning to program their web app.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Research and Development

Coming back to school after break to a fast start, the hand group is working hard to redesign the hand. With a completely new version in the works, there is hope that starting from scratch can give us results with grip strength instead of working off of the e-Nable hand. There is another group that is almost finished the design of a ball-and-socket thumb that is almost ready to be printed.

Paul's group is researching competing technologies with a hands-on activity. EYE is preparing for the Saturday program coming up on the 16th and the 30th.