Monday, June 11, 2012

Today is our last class of Engineering Design and Development therefore we have practiced our presentation and are getting the room ready for our special guest from MIT and our parents as well as some engineering companies. We wish everyone a well summer!

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Future

The end of senior year is a hectic time for any student. This holds true for the EDD students as well. We have been working hard on our projects and presentation. The 3D printing group has a new frame, complete with spool holder, and are working on coordinating a buzzer into the printer as well as printing parts during class. The SCCC group continues to test their designs, making the best system possible, and the Firefighter App has finished their code, with the help of sophmore Joseph Gabay and Tom Hayes. In class we've been preparing for our final presentation, practicing, and giving feedback. It's looking really great! Also, I attended the presentations of the junior, EDD hopefuls. I was blown away by the problems and solutions they thought up. Some of the projects included improved check out scanners for stores, wheel chair attachments, a parking app for smart phones, and new head phones. I'm so excited to see who is chosen for next years class, and have complete confidence that they will achieve great things next year!