Tuesday, February 9, 2010

InvenTeam Project: CellSafe


Chris said...

This device seems like a good idea. Drivers on their cell phones are more distracted and this could help prevent that. My only comment is the driver isn't always the one using the phone. Could the device be disabled so a passenger could use the phone?

Nick Florin said...

Thank you for the comment. That is a good point, and I do think that disabling the device would be necessary. I would have to talk to Ryan Bobbitt about how he plans to do this, and if he is not planning on doing it, it is a good suggestion for him. If you would like, you can email your questions about this specific project to rbobbitt.12831@gmail.com. Thank you again!

Ryan Bobbitt said...

One of the ideas behind this project was to target teen drivers (typically more prone to talking or texting while driving) specifically; CellSafe would become some kind of option that parents can elect to place on their child's phone. I have expanded my idea to target all drivers, and as such I feel that it will be a voluntary thing. One option I could pursue is to prompt the user whether they are the driver or a passenger, but this would lead to drivers logging in as passengers to bypass the program.

To answer your question in short: Yes, that is an option. However it would render the program usless due to the option to bypass it. Perhaps some kind of chip could be placed in the driver's seat which recognizes a CellSafe-enabled phone and enables the program for only the driver, but with the time constraints of the year (and working alone), exploring that option this late in the year is not a feasible option. If I were to continue CellSafe beyond EDD, I would consider it.