Friday, January 7, 2011

Mid-Course Correction

Throughout the last several months our group has gone through various transitions with respect to the market which our project will be applied. Starting off strictly as a boat misting system, our project has now evolved into accommodating several applications, as we are now marketing ourselves as a portable misting system. With this concept in mind we have brainstormed a few general applications, deciding for now to focus specifically on golf carts. We feel golf carts have a much deeper market potential as golf seasons are often cut short by uncomfortable heat. To customize our project for the consumer and separate it from existing systems, we plan to implement not only the adjustable flow rate circuit, but also a master switch and a pressure sensor which will automatically turn the system on when the golf cart seat is occupied. (This allows our system to conserve water, as the pump will only be running when the players are sitting.) With these additions the user will have complete control of the system, allowing them to adjust it to their individual preference.

Working with the golf cart idea, we recognized the potential for building a custom solar panel to fit the roof of the cart. This will not only supply our battery with more power than our current panel, but it will give us the opportunity to build something none of us have built before, a concept which remains an exciting and fresh component to this course.