Monday, February 28, 2011

Sean Greenslade's Progress

Here is a small report on the different parts of all the projects I've been working on since December.

This is my main group, and I've done several things for it. My main achievement is puck circuit 2.0. Using what I learned from building the previous circuit, I improved the design of the 2.0 circuit. The circuit itself is more compact, allowing an extra battery to be included. Along with moving the heat spreader, the circuit had some small layout changes to improve the design.
On the software side, I modified the mouse control application to accept calibration directly from the puck. This makes having an extra "calibration pen" unnecessary.

For this group, I built a two-part system. One part is a relay-controlled AC outlet. This allows a low-power circuit to control a wall power appliance, like a dehumidifier, without risking electrocution. The other part is the circuit itself. This circuit monitors the humidity of the room with a digital sensor and controls the dehumidifier based on the measured value. It has expansion capabilites, so it can be modified to read soil moisture and control a water pump.

Misting System
For this group, I have been an electrical advisor. I have aided them in designing the power systems for their pumps, helping them keep it safe and effective.