Monday, March 21, 2011

Beginning of Week Update

Last week, we received our aluminum tubing and connectors that we ordered to build our projector mounting system. We are using push-lock connectors to attach the 6 foot tubes. We had to cut and drill holes to make the tubing fit together. The system is 6'x6'x6 with a beam across the top to mount the projector and WiiMote on.  Sean and Issac are also working on completing a third interface prototype using the new bright white acrylic. Issac is working on building in colored LED's that flash whenever the button is pressed.
Below is a rendering CAD drawing of the mounting system we are building:
Our Mounting System
The system we built

The ComfortMist group has been working on integrating the petal switch and seat switch into the system. They are using a reed switch to turn off the misting when the user is driving the golf cart. They are building a mock up petal out of wood to test it.

Ian has been working on desiging and cutting a window mounting plant box for the dehumidifier to mount in. The group has also been working on creating a box for the dehumidifier for prototype two. They designed and cut a acrylic casing for the dehumidifier to fit in. They hope to begin testing at the end of the week.