Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Top 4 Projects (No Order)

- Redesign of Crutches
-Task: Reduce or completely remove irritation of underarms from use.
-Other designs: Wheel chair, knee scooter, spring-loaded armpit rest, cane.
-Needs to be cheap and easy to use.

- Submersive Cooling System
-Market: For computer users at home that pay more for increased processor speed.
-Ex. Photographer, Web designer, programmer, ect.
-Non-conductive fluid where the computer is completely submerged.
-Could be a consumer's option or could be included in the system.
-Gets rid of copper from existing systems, reducing the production price.

- Third World Countries
- Solving problems for people who spend less than a dollar a day.
-UN campaigned on human development stating that 50% of the world lives under a dollar a day...
- Bacteria infested water, spreading diseases.
- Cheaper/more effective mosquito repellent due to high risk of malaria.
- Efficient ways to transport food and water.
- Recycling plastic used in water bottles to produce cheap shoes.

- Blue Light Security
- College campuses have security, but it's hard to access.
- Phone application that allows mobile access to blue light security.
- Continuation of project started a few years back.
- All coding for program and website was complete. (75% of project).
- Need to market idea and catch up with how the program works.