Monday, November 7, 2011


With the final group members picked for each project, everyone is excited to start working with their new teams! As a class we decided to narrow down our projects to just three. The three projects we chose are the 3D printer, the computer cooling and the campus security app formerly known as "Aegis."

Today, we were proud to come up with the official name for the campus security app. It will now be called, "Ally Campus Security." While it would seem an easy task to rename the app, it proved to be a nuisance of a task. With many good ideas taken for other security products, our team spent a few classes coming up with the new name.

Also, myself and three other classmates fine-tuned and presented a powerpoint to our class. This presentation will be given to board members from project lead the way on Wednesday, November 9th. With groups chosen and great progress being made, it is very easy to tell we will have great success this year