Friday, February 17, 2012

February Break

The upcoming week is February vacation, so while we don't have class we'll still be working hard on our projects! The 3-D Printer group plans to meet to finish the 3-D printer and discuss plans for turning the 2-D plotter into a printer with a larger build area. The Campus Security group will also be meeting to work on their programming skills. A small group of the class is also going to meet to make plaques for the Head of the Fish, a crew race held locally, to raise funds for our team. Speaking of funds, I've recently updated the books; we have a total of a little under $3,000. So, we are still going to be looking for companies interested in investing in us so we have enough money to complete our projects and to leave a comfortable amount of money for next years team! Along with that, I will also be contacting our local Lion's Club and Rotary Club so we can increase our network.

-Post by Kelley Florence