Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The 3D printing group has been making huge strides in recent weeks. After much trouble shooting the Maker-Bot is finally printing in the classroom! While this is a huge milestone, there are still problems to be solved. The printer can produce small parts well, but when a larger part is printed it cannot fully print. We tried to print a whistle of about two inches by two inches but halfway through the whistle detached from build platform and was unable to continue printing. We think the problem is the massive heat of the build platform. It is necessary that it be heated so that the part can be removed after printing, but it is becoming so hot part way through printing that the bottom of the part is peeling off. To resolve this problem we are looking into changing the code so that the build platform does not heat until after the part has printed. Other accomplishments are the completion of the new frame. While we have not replaced the old frame, it is completed and connected. The buzzer to alert users the part is in the works as well, along with a new platform made with metal flashing instead of plastic to improve longevity.