Sunday, December 9, 2012

Boxes, Designs and Fundraising

Friday in class half of the group was working on making final designs for the back pack and we are planning to put the new designs on inventor in sheet metal. The other half of the group was working on the box for the dragon 3D wooden puzzle we are planning to show to G. Willikers. We were making templates that we could use and cut out with the laser cutter. We also want to find clay-coated paperboard for the box so we can print a cool design on the front of the box. The sewing experts are also going to find a good project to start to get more sewing practice. We are thinking a simple one-pocket backpack would be a good next step. We are going to work on the backpack on inventor and the box over the next few classes. Some of our group members went to the Sports Page Ski Shop and sold $56 of wax scrappers and the owner there said he would buy 100 more scrappers in February from us.