Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Patients and Patience

Over the past few weeks, it has been evident that team PivoRest has definitely been having some setbacks. We have dealt with having a very difficult time planning times to all meet, as well as trying to break up our project in order for us to efficiently use the resources available to us. Also, we have had legal troubles in trying to find patients to talk to about the problems they face with their armrests. Despite all of this, we are continuing to move forward and are trying to work harder than ever to make our project a success. In class today, we ordered a ball-and-socket joint to use with our prototype once it is complete. We also called a few more health care facilities in our area to see if there are any other patients/therapists that we could talk to about our project. Over our midterm break, we plan to make a good amount of progress with our prototype, so we can "hurry up and fail". That way, we will be able to have something to jump off of to bring us closer to what our final design will look like.