Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rubrics and Robotics

Today in class the majority of our group was at the FIRST Robotics competition, so we had to work on a few odd jobs that would be easy to do without them. This included revising our testing rubric to make the questions more specific, as well as creating the template for our armrest on Autodesk Inventor so we can cut it out with our new laser cutter as opposed to our band saw. We plan on giving the rubric to Heather when we have our meeting in mid-April, when we get back from spring break. That way she has a set list of things to watch out for when testing the PivoRest with a patient. The Inventor drawing will also make it a lot easier to make new rests since we just have to pull up the file and let the laser cutter do all the work! For now, the people who will be around for spring break are planning to meet up a few times to work, and then we will all meet back up on April 8th!