Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pulling for Success

Redirecting our efforts towards Nitinol's application again, we have begun to look for a way to create cheaper, more easily attainable solar energy by combining Nitinol and Solar heater technology.  We have recently ordered an engine and are currently trying to improve upon its pulley system, which we hope, will drastically increase its efficiency. We seek to do this by 3D printing a new pulleys.  These pulleys we have designed in such a way, that friction between the Nitinol and rotating wheel should be less.  We are also considering purchasing new pulleys, explicitly marketed as low friction pulleys. This will give an idea of where our project stands in terms of energy scales. In other news we are reestablishing contact with Kellogg’s Research Labs and beginning to discuss their potential role in helping us to build and design the Nitinol aspect of this project, they have much to offer in the way of experience. We are working hard and there seems to be a lot of potential on the horizon.