Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Class 2B update

Hello all,

Apologies for the lack of updates from class 2B thus far, we have been busy at work defining our problem and investigating possible solutions. We've decided to tackle the problem of ensuring the safety of cyclists in primarily motor vehicle dominated roadways. We believe the heart of the issue lies within the limitations of cyclists and drivers, which causes them to be unaware of one another's presence. These limitations include but are not limited to, the cyclists' impaired hearing and ability to see motor vehicles due to wind rushing part their ears, and the fact that their backs face oncoming traffic. Additionally distraction in both drivers and cyclists poses a large threat of a collision. After defining our problem we have begun to focus on exploring existing technologies and concepts in hopes that we may apply them in our solution. One technology we are currently exploring is the XBox Kinect sensor, which we hope to modify and reprogram with the help of a team from General Electric, in order to use it as a motion sensor to detect oncoming traffic behind the cyclist. We also hope to employ a Raspberry Pi as a means of interpreting the Kinect data and driving outputs, including lights and vibration motors, etc. The main pitfall we can foresee with the Pi is finding a consistent, durable, and portable power source to ensure the Pi's power requirements are met. If any of our readers have experience with a similar power supply for the Pi we would be very interested to hear your thoughts! More updates on our progress to come soon.