Thursday, January 12, 2017

Product Testing- By Meg Varcoe

Within the testing group of our project, we are currently comparing Fitbit to Jawbone to see which product is more accurate at tracking sleep. We are doing this by having six people from the class bring both products home for two nights and sleeping with them on each wrist. Each person will record the estimated time they thought they fell asleep, and when each product said they fell asleep. Also, each person will record when they thought they woke up as well as when the products thought they woke up. By doing this, we can see which product is more accurate based off the user comparing their sleep schedule to the one the products recorded.

We are also conducting a survey targeted towards commercial and civilian drivers. We are asking them basic questions such as: how much sleep they get, how many accidents they’ve been in, and how many accidents were sleep induced. This survey will provide real statistics to base information off when presenting our product, rather than simply getting possibly false information from the internet.

-Megan Varcoe