Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dehumidifier and Boat Mister Progress

In the Dehumidification System Project we have been working with the Lab View program for programming our system. This will take inputs from the sensors such as water level, humidity and soil moisture and use that information to alter the system accordingly. The main problem that we will face in the coming months is to find a balance between water in the plant, moisture in the air, water in the reservoir and being able to adjust for various plant types.

Boat Mister:
Over the past few classes, the Boat Mister group has compiled various ideas on how to expand the market potential for this product, such as providing the boat with an alternative battery for additional accessories, or as a backup incase the main battery fails.  Focusing on technical feasibility, we plan to first construct a working prototype without too much concern for initial cost, and from there trim unnecessary expenses to a point where the system can be a competitive product in the real world market.  Excited with the potential of the Boat Mister project, our group has ordered parts and currently awaits their arrival.  With initial design plans close to completion, we are excited to get our hands on some tangible materials and get the project into more noticeable action.