Friday, November 12, 2010

Current Progress

Over the course of this month we have made a great deal of progress:

Currently, Team ICCI is working on three different interfaces for their system. Isaac is creating a mouse that functions by clicking, Joe is designing a mouse that performs only mousing, and Sean is developing a mouse that can do both. Sean is also modifying the existing software we are using so that it works with a multi-point device rather than a single-point device. 

Team Boat Mister is solving one problem at a time. They have visited a marina and determined their options for nozzles and tubing. They have two new pumps, one being 100 PSI and the other 200 PSI. They now are creating a combination of different options in order to make the system aesthetically pleasing.

Team Dehumidifier is working on their prototype. They are trying different ways to set up their system. As a team, they are deciding if they should use a pump, the aquamat, or a combination of the two.  Also, Ian is gathering data from a sensor that detects the amount of moisture in the soil. This will allow them to determine if the plant is receiving a sufficient supply of water.