Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dehumidifier Team's Trip To Dehn's Flowers

Our team, consisting of David Martuscello, Brooke Ruggiero, and Ian Kettlewell, made a trip to Dehn's Flowers on Beekman Street. Our intent was to discuss the possibility of using wicks to water plant soil, and to discuss which plants would grow well in an indoor environment. We were able to have a discussion with John of Dehn's Flowers. He introduced us to the Aqua mat, a material which seeps water to soil through the process of passive hydroponics. They were kind enough to donate a piece of the Aquamat material to us.

Dehn's Flowers is located at 180 Beekman Street:

John also recommended a plant that would grow well under our conditions. Spathiphyllum, also known as Peace Lily, is a plant that grows well in indoor lighting, cleans the air of contaminants, and is watered about once a week.

We are setting up experiments to test the use of the Aquamat within our system, and plan to revisit Dehn's Flowers to gather more information soon.