Monday, March 12, 2012

RPI Aeronautical Engineering

Along with the civil engineering demonstration, we also received a presentation on aeronautical engineering during our trip to RPI. Two professors showed us their wind tunnel and explained its inner workings. The machine blows bubbles which shows the airflow through the case. They showed us what turbulence would occur at difference angles. Also, they explained the characteristics of objects with the largest and smallest drag. What was amazing about this demonstration was that it was not a straight forward lecture. These professors understood that we aspired to be engineers and that to do that we had to think. They did not tell us the facts, they asked us which object we thought had the least drag and what our reasoning was behind our decision. The professors pushed us to come to conclusions which made us remember what we had learned in the presentation. I greatly appreciated the interest these professors took in us, and I will definitely remember them for the valuable information they have taught me.
Posted by Emma Rocco