Friday, March 30, 2012

Self-Contained Submersion Cooling now has data!!

We now have solid data to look at and somethings that to base our future decisions on. On the X axis is our different prototypes. Aaron is a Aaron's personal water block he has purchased and the standard we can base or designs on. WP stands for wheatpenny which is our original complex design that we had sent out to be 3d printed. Filed WP is our complex design after we filed down the bottom to create less of an eddie over top of the processor. Simple is our simple design that we have milled out of aluminum on our CNC mill. Load average and maximum temperature are the values that really matter. As you can see our simple design reaches the same maximum temperature(58 degrees) and actually runs 1 degree cooler (idling at 53.58 degrees) then the current comercial solution. This is very good news considering that the commercial solution is made out of solid copper, which is quite expensive, while our aluminum block is very inexpensive. Overall we are very pleased with the results so far.