Sunday, October 21, 2012

Capture the Money!

Today in class each team presented an idea for fundraising in order to accumulate more money for our projects. For the PivoRest group, we researched a way to have a school-wide capture the flag tournament. We decided it would be an event that students wound enjoy, and would be relatively easy to set up. As far as one that specifically pertains to our project, the rehabilitation center that we have visited a few times said that we can do a bake sale there.We are also working on ordering materials and setting up a meeting with the man who is going to teach us about plastic and the possibility of using injection molding for the PivoRest. We are also preparing to have our elevator pitches recorded and be put up on YouTube, and brainstorming the idea of a separate website for our product so we can get sponsors and sell advertisement space on the site for another fundraising idea.