Wednesday, September 25, 2013

All or Nothing

Even after our decision making survey, we as a class are still not entirely sure where we stand for this year's projects. Today, we were presented with 3 options: to go with a full scale rapid prototyping interface and even market it out to companies, to go with the safer seatbelt and the crutch, or take these three projects and do them all but at a much smaller scale. We spent our time together today debating the pros and cons of each option. The largest point brought up was will a project be more or less effective with 20 people working on it? Regarding the issue of dissatisfaction, if 4 people do not want to work on this large group project, you have 20% of the group who may not be giving the project their all. We came to the conclusion that it wouldn't be the worst scenario and there are other options available for such cases (such as the already live elementary engineering project). Although the risk of having people not working is potentially higher with a larger group, one also receives the benefit of more people helping out and spreading around the work load. It then becomes a matter of efficiently dividing up the work into structured sections so all can stay organized and everyone can have a job. As an EDD class, our goal is to create something innovative and have a product to show for our work at the end of the year; if that goal is reached using the whole class focusing their efforts into one project, the benefit should outweigh the cost.


Procrastinating Senior said...

My vote is for the rapid prototyping interface because of the potential marketing that could take place. If a whole year is being dedicated to a project it's either go big or go home.