Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Racing to the Finish Line

Now that the end of the year is rapidly approaching, the Educating Young Engineers team is working to finish strong and tie everything together. We are hosting another Saturday Engineering Program at the high school on June 14, titled “Engineering Athletics” that will demonstrate the parallels between problem solving and sports. We have been given great support for this program from the Engineering Design and Development class and will share the proceeds from the program with the EDD team. In addition the Yearbook committee is contributing  a significant amount of volunteers so we will also be making a donation to the yearbook committee. Overall we are very excited for our upcoming program! We are also working hard on our final presentation. We will be doing a presentation on all of our accomplishments on June 17th at the Technology Showcase Night, and are looking forward to hopefully seeing lots of excited young engineers from our programs at the big presentation. We are also looking towards the summer, and making plans for what we will accomplish before the start of next year, so that EYE can hit the ground running in the 2014-15 school year.