Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Final Countdown and Showcase

There is only one class remaining until our final showcase. Stress levels are high and nearly palpable for everyone in the room as we make the finishing touches on our presentation and on Charlie. A few different part on the printer had to be switched out a few days ago to make the Z-Table assembly as a whole stronger. One thing we ordered is a more powerful, stronger, stepper motor. Hopefully this resolves all issues and we will be able to print tomorrow. If prints run reliably, we hope to be able to do a live print at our final showcase. Also, Charlie has been given a rock-star makeover just for the occasion!!

Our final showcase will be held at Saratoga Springs High School (in the Teacher's Auditorium) at 5:30 pm on Tuesday June 17th. Further information and directions to the TA can be found on the new page titled "Final Showcase"