Thursday, November 20, 2014

EDD Off to a Strong Start

The year is off to a great start in EDD, the class has gone through a series of steps necessary in bringing about the beginnings of a successful project.  Students have voted, electing their classmates to reside over certain responsibilities for the class.  Among these positions are treasurer, project manager, blog coordinator, and fundraising coordinator.  Nick Abate has been elected project manager, Emily Verhag will be our treasurer and Eric Von Alman will be overseeing fundraising.  After conducting elections, we presented and researched the feasibility of ideas initially brought into the class as part of EDD's application requirement.  After some deliberation, the class settled on the design of a Nitinol Heat Engine. Nitinol is a Nickel-Titanium alloy, with super elastic and shape memory properties. \These properties may be exploited, wherever a temperature differential is present in order to convert waste heat into electrical energy.  Since making the decision to go with Nitinol, the class has split into thirds.  While one group will pursue Nitinol and another will continue EYE, the last is still contemplating different ideas.  Serious consideration has been given to innovations in the way of RFID technology, but the group is keeping their minds open to other ideas.