Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mach 3rd, HydroGarden

As a group we recently constructed the walls for our grow-tent by cutting the Panda Film and mounting it on a PVC frame.  We would have liked to have moved past this step by now, but we were forced to special order our PVC fittings due to lack of local availability.  We are juggling our proof of concept model and aesthetically pleasing model, so we were able to keep ourselves otherwise occupied.  For this second model, we are working on designs that will target people in urban areas that wish to grow plants with their limited resources.  The goal  is to be non-intrusive and aesthetically pleasing while still being able to grow a plant.  We realize, if we wish to make a high-quality product, we have to  establish a relationship with the consumer.  As a result, we are planning a trip to New York City.    On this trip, we will visit florists, hoping to find answers to our questions regarding marketability of our product.  We hope to gain some valuable insight from experts in plant growing industry.  In preparation, we have been reaching out to individuals who live in urban areas and asking them their opinions on our product and if they believe that it would be a marketable product.  If you have any valuable information about living in an urban area that may be helpful, we would greatly appreciate your input.  Please contact our Project Manager, Rob Szpak at, robszpak@aol.com
This is some of the information we are looking for,
Would you like to have plants in your home?
Do you have available windows for natural lighting?
Would you like to have plants in your office?
Would you rather have plants if they were lower maintenance?
Were they difficult to keep alive and healthy in relatively confined spaces?
What would make having a plant easier for you?
Is there anyone you can refer us to who has an interest in growing plants in an urban setting?