Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 19th EYE

EYE is continuing the mission to create interest in STEM fields in elementary students through LEGO clubs and Saturday programs.  EYE is also working with high school students to create an EYE club and working with Dorothy Nolan to integrate WeDo LEGO technology into the fourth grade curriculum.  A new session of LEGO club has started at Dorothy Nolan and EYE continues to support the club in teaching engineering through teamwork and problem solving.  LEGO clubs have also been started at Ballard Elementary School as well as Geyser Road Elementary School.  EYE has continued to work with Ballard Elementary on the second Saturday Engineering Program the school will be running, and planning is in the final stages.  At the high school, volunteers are being recruited for the first EYE club meeting on March 19th, where students can become involved in designing and testing activities as well as working on the logistics of the EYE website and getting involved for the future of EYE.  This club will hopefully allow the continued expansion of EYE Saturday programs and LEGO clubs to other school districts and get the future leaders of the organization started early for the coming years.  EYE is also working with Dorothy Nolan fourth grade teachers to integrate LEGO WeDo programming software into the curriculum to teach the simple machines unit, which will allow students to get an early idea of how circuit design works.