Monday, June 22, 2015

End of the year - in the words of our Fearless Leader

 Throughout this year, our team has achieved more than I could've imagined
we would.
 The development of an eco-friendly car heater, the creation of an
autonomous garden, and the expansion of last year's Engineering Young
Engineers(EYE) have all taken place in this year's class. At the start of the
year we made up two separate groups, the continuation of EYE and what we called
the nitinol group. After consideration, we split into three groups, EYE, the
Auto-garden group, and the Stirling Engine group.
    In EYE, we have expanded
our outreach to new areas outside of Saratoga Springs while also increasing our
influence in our home town. We have also created new tools for expansion,
allowing new schools to adopt our programs on their own. Developments like this
will allow the transitions in the future to proceed smoothly.
    In the
Auto-garden group, we have developed an aesthetically pleasing, autonomous
gardening system. With help from local gardening store owners and New York City
residents we have created a prototype that will raise a Moth Orchid with almost
no human interaction.
    In the Stirling Engine group we tackled the problem
of heating your car quickly during the winter. Using an environmentally friendly
heat engine to store the wasted energy from a combustion engine, we developed a
clean way to instantly heat your car.
    The Engineering Design Development
class of 2015 has overcome a lot of problem throughout the year. From the
beginning of the year, we were lacking the specific resource time.  On a
crunched time schedule, we worked hard and managed to do some remarkable things.