Monday, June 22, 2015

The End of the AutoGarden

Time has come and passed, decisions have been made, both tactical and strategically, the end is near, and according to some, according to the very, very select few who know what they are talking about, it has been said, that the time for the Auto-Garden subset of EDD class, is now, and the shining sun beyond the horizons of the presentation, is nothing but imminent victory.  We have successful integrated our electronics with our microcontroller, and all systems are set to go.  Our system functions as follows:
 The Arduino microcontroller sends signals opening and closing relays turning on and off pumps and lights, which are set into an aesthetically lamp design.  The stem of this lamp houses all wires, protecting all but the pump leads from water and a short circuit.  Where a normal lamp is positioned right side up, ours is upside down.  Here is a picture.