Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tuesday Turnaround

Ross finished his first prototype for the porous wall adapter, allowing for suction for the hook that provides assistance getting dressed.

Andrew took feedback from a meeting with doctors last week and made changes to the Wall-E hand.

Hannah ordered tuning pegs for her new design.

Steve is doing minor redesigns while waiting for his hand to print.

Maddie is printing Steve's hand and ordering cleaning supplies for printed Formlab parts. Cam is printing.

Adam shopped for a new motor that will be smaller and vibrate more efficiently. He is printing the battery case and sending a second hand to print soon.

Paul's group is coding a login page and tri-storming ways to create a login page.

EYE had a successful program on Saturday, and today they are unloading equipment from their cars and organizing. They also sold Google Cardboard on Saturday.