Monday, April 11, 2016

Fourth Quarter

Reece and Mr. Gallagher organizing class finances
Today the group is busy at work.
Steve and Jackson successfully printed their hand, but the angle for the thumb was off so they are redesigning and testing different angles hoping to get the best pincer grasp possible.

Adam is printing a hand that includes new fingertips so the push buttons will fit better, and working on a battery case, and researching motors.

Andrew had a failed print of the Wall-E hand and is hoping to have a successful print today.

Hannah is modifying the Tensioner to incorporate the tuning pegs.
Ross is 3-D modeling with the prototype of the hook adapter.
EYE is preparing for their final program on Saturday in Saratoga.
Printers are printing Adam's and Andrew's hand, and also finish the InMoov arm and fixing the third (and final) broken printer.