Sunday, December 11, 2016

2B update- week of 12/5/16

2B had a busy week. On Tuesday the fundraising group continued working on their holiday automaton, to be sold at Northshire Bookstore. That evening the building group had an important teleconference with a pair of robotics specialists from General Electric, We discussed possible alternative control systems to replace the Kinect sensor, its operating restraints proved to be too obstructive. Their input was incredibly valuable and we plan to research their suggested systems, including radar and laser line sensors, over the next few classes. On Thursday, with the holidays fast approaching,  the fundraising group enlisted the building group to complete the CAD work for the automaton before we miss out on holiday shopping season. Only a few parts remain and we hope to get our fundraising items in the store shortly. A special thanks to both Northshire Bookstore and to General Electric R and D for all of their support and assistance; we look forwards to continued relationships with both groups.