Saturday, February 25, 2017

4B Web App Progress, by Sophie Smith

Over the break, a couple members of the programming group met with multiple software engineers to discuss web application development. Currently, the plan is to develop a web app which accesses Fitbit sleep data and displays that information to the user on a website. Therefore, the group realized they needed to learn the best tools and approach to implementing this idea. Throughout this week, members of the group learned how to access Fitbit data, constructed a basic diagram displaying functionality for the web application components, and completed introductory courses in programming in Ruby and using Ruby on Rails on Codecademy. Ruby on Rails was decided as the best approach to developing the web app and the members began to install the appropriate files to progress with this step. The next steps for this group are to continue learning more about Ruby on Rails in order to develop the backend side of the web application and also to begin laying out the website using a wireframe program in order to determine the functionality of various pages and features. -Sophie Smith