Friday, February 10, 2017

Class 4B update by Meg Varcoe

Block 4B only met once for a full meeting this past week due to school cancellations and school functions. In order to support the claim that sleep induced trucking accidents are an issue, we have created an anonymous survey directed towards both commercial drivers and civilian drivers. Some of the questions are: how many accidents have they been in? How many were sleep induced? And finally, in their opinion, is falling asleep while driving a pressing issue? Currently, two trucking companies have agreed to administer the survey. We will continue to contact more companies to help further support our problem statement. As for the civilian drivers, we will have a random group complete the survey. By having both civilian and commercial drivers take the survey we will be able to see how the issue impacts drivers differently. The data analysis group is reviewing spreadsheets sent to them by an actuary. These spreadsheets contain information on big-rig truck accidents from several years. From these spreadsheets, they hope to calculate the cost benefits and potential lives saved by preventing accidents.
-Megan Varcoe