Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cohesion and Cooperation

We presented to our classmates about our research for software and recording tools, as well as the information that we got from talking to a patient at a nursing home. We decided on two different microphones that we are going to use to record our tutorials, the CAD U37 and the Yeti. We also chose software for screen video recording and video editing. During the class we discussed different ways that we could stand out from our competing tutorial websites. The most common way for solving many problems is to Google the question and sift through the links on the first page and decide which may be the website or video that will help the most. Our website will provide a place where the users can ensure that they have reliable information as well as make sure that they can find the right video the first time that they search. We are trying to make a template that offers an easy to use interface as well as a powerful design so that people are able to access the video they are looking for as quickly as possible. For our current goals we are going to survey a larger age group of people for the problems that they are having with their computers, Internet, email, or smart phones. We are sampling a larger group because when we conducted a survey at a nursing home, not many of the residents used computers or smart phones. The information from a larger age group will help us decide topics for videos.