Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ski Pack on a Roll

Today our group made a presentation that we then presented to the class. The information that was given included our decision about what direction we should move forward with. First off was our choice for sewing machines. The research done by a group member was narrowed down to two companies in which we would buy our sewing machine from. These companies are Brothers or Juki. Our group seems to be leaning toward the Brothers sewing machine due to the amount of work that we need the machine to do. The fabric that we have chosen to go with is Cordura classic or duck fabric. This fabric has met the standards that we have set for our backpack design. The zipper selection of the backpack will be chosen by the YKK brand. These zippers are chosen by most companies due to their durability. Our group is also in the preparation mode for the upcoming roller ski race in Kingston on November 18th. There we will be fundraising and promoting our backpack to the roller ski competitors and fans of the sport.