Friday, September 21, 2012

Today is the first day we really get to dig into EDD.  After much deliberating and voting, we have decided on the projects we will be working on this year.  There are 3 projects we have decided to pursue.  The first was designed by Brian Halligan.  He came up with the idea of a rollerski backpack.  The second project was created by Gabby O'Dell.  In this group, they hope to create a prototype of a wheelchair that is more suitable for patients with arm restriction.  And in the last group, Greg Talamo came up with an idea of creating a smartphone app that gave tutorials on how to do tasks on a computer.  The first steps to completing these projects is to do research and find some funding to better our club.  The class is divided up into these 3 groups and Olivia Poppel, our project manager, will be helping all around.  This is just the beginning and I hope to have a successful year!