Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Z-Table in Z-Making

For the z-table we have been working to improve our initial z-table design which consisted of a removable U-shaped z-table surrounding a box that was permanently connected to the printer.  Our goal was to lighten up this design, decrease the build space to fit the aspect ratio of the projector, create a sturdy set-up that will allow for precise printing, and have an easier way to detach the z-table from the printer.  

We have been able to lighten up our z-table design by using laser cut wood to make up most of the z-table.  Also, by decreasing the size to match the aspect ratio we were able to shed some weight.  We have also improved the design for removing the z-table to one that uses a large hand twist-able screw for easy removal of the table. Currently, we are still having difficulties making the z-table completely sturdy. The torque exerted by the whole table on the wooden base and on the connection point to the threaded rod are causing a little bit of wobble, something that needs to be fixed before the table is print ready. Next we are going to work on refining our prototype to a point where we will be able to use it for printing and from there amp up the quality on all accounts of the printer.