Monday, January 6, 2014

Reflecting on Progress

Today was a busy day for the Build Team as our deadline draws near to finish up the physical construction of our first prototype. New parts were printed using the laser cutter and team members began to piece together some of the last components of Prototype 1. Additional research was also done on the UV filter in the projector, which will be crucial for the machine to print. However, this isn't the only roadblock we have found with the projector. With the previous version of the 3D printer, too much space was needed for the projector image to cover the entire build space of the resin pool. To solve this dilemma it was decided that the projector would be laid on its side and a mirror would be put in place (at a perfect 45 degree angle) that would reflect the image up to the resin pool. Though the math was not as simple as originally thought, we were able to determine the exact dimensions of the mirror that was needed and placement of the resin pool in relation to the projector. This seems to be a much better alternative as it now fits in a more reasonable area. Another problem we encountered was we found that our first model was much too large and the base contained far too much unused space. Changes were made to eliminate unnecessary space and reduce the dimensions to a much more appealing size. Sometimes bigger isn't better.